What does the term “Montessori” mean?
The term “Montessori” refers to a method of education devised by Maria Montessori that proved to be successful throughout the world.

Who was Maria Montessori?
Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor who, while working with children with learning difficulties pioneered a system of education that she thought could well be used with every child. She designed materials that would allow the child to learn abstract concepts through systematic manipulation.

How would the philosophy benefit my child?
The child in a Montessori classroom learns through self-exploration. Every piece of equipment is self-correcting and the child is given the freedom of choice to work with those materials.

Elementary Montessori students learn through discovery. No answers are given to them; rather they are encouraged to look for them. Students learn to conduct research independently and make presentations. There is some memorization of math facts, spellings and basic definitions of abstract concepts, as one might find in traditional curricula. But students are also encouraged to set learning goals for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning. In effect, they learn how to learn and are therefore highly motivated.

How would I know what my child learns at school?
At Abacus, we regard parents as partners in a child’s education. We frequently talk to them on an informal basis. We also issue progress reports in January and June followed by formal parent-teacher conferences when genuine concerns and issues regarding academic progress may be discussed. Other concerns will be addressed through formal meetings anytime during the year.

How is a child’s misbehaviour handled at Abacus?
Self-discipline is taught through careful and meticulous preparation of the classroom environment. Children follow certain ground rules and the teachers model the kind of behaviour that is expected of the children. However, some disruption could happen. In such a situation, the erring child is taken aside and made to understand why the behaviour is inappropriate. A younger child may be diverted to another activity. If the child continues to misbehave, he or she may be temporarily removed from the group. We do not believe in time-outs.

What would my child’s first day be like?
The first day at school can be tearful both for the parents and the child. For one who is attending school for the first time, we ease the child slowly into the routine by initially limiting his or her day to a few hours. The length of the child's stay is then gradually increased. Typically a child will take about ten days to settle down.

For other queries, please visit the school and talk to the Principal who will be most happy to speak to you.

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