Abacus Montessori provides quality education at the elementary level from Grade 1 to 5. Aside from the use of the didactic Montessori materials, abstractions are further reinforced through the use of workbooks. Our program successfully integrates the Montessori principles with the Ontario curriculum and our students have received great achievement scores in standardised tests.
Montessori believed that the second stage of development (6-12) is one of great stability. During this period, students are capable of accomplishing a great deal of mental work. The integrated curriculum of the Montessori elementary class encourages children to see the interrelationship among all subjects and, indeed, among all aspects of life. The elementary teacher follows Dr. Montessori’s plan for Cosmic Education – presenting the universe first and then relating subsequent learning to its place in the cosmos.
Children learn to set goals, to manage time, to organize projects and to use a variety of resources. In addition to using the advanced Montessori materials for grammar, math, geometry, history, science and geography; they read and express themselves in art, drama, poetry, creative writing and music. French language, physical education and field trips are also included.
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